“Tanuja's homemade cookies and ice cream are amazing AND healthy. I couldn't believe what I was eating was actually good for me! Seriously though, that Mexican Chocolate ice cream I had was f*****g delicious.”

Abhishek P.

San Francisco, CA

“I don't believe in compromising food quality one millimeter. That's why the ONLY desserts I buy and eat are from Love Bites by Tanuja. From the core ingredients like Almond flour, to the sweeteners - coconut nectar, not agave or other cheap and unhealthy ingredients - these are made with the best ingredients anywhere. The taste is superb, and you feel great after eating them. No sugar crash or other junk food regret. This is the holy grail of desserts. Delicious and healthy, and a worthwhile investment in your health and physique.”

Arvin V.

Educator, Speaker and Political Activist
Bethesda, Maryland

“I was originally hesitant when I first met Tanuja and she excitedly handed me over her "healthy cookies" she baked. Whenever I hear the world healthy it usually is synonymous with tasting bad, at least in my head. But I will say Tanuja has given healthy eating a new meaning for me. Her desserts are SO good and she makes them with such love and care which makes them even better. Love Bites is true to its name, it really is food made with love! My favorite are her brownies. She has also taught me how to make some wonderful healthy dishes. I love eating Tanuja's food now and always want more!”

Aditi R.

Consultant and Founder of Amplify with Aditi
Chicago, Illinois

“The chocolate ice cream was one of the best chocolate ice creams I have ever had! It was like I was eating a rich, fudgy brownie in ice cream form! I could actually taste the quality of the ingredients; especially the chocolate. The flavor definitely surpasses any chocolate ice cream I have ever bought from a grocery store! What is even better, is that it is lactose free! This is absolutely important for me since I have a lactose intolerance. I am beyond happy that I found a lactose free ice cream that is so creamy and decadent, but also good for me!”

Michelle H.

GIS Specialist
Houston, Texas

“Love bite desserts are absolutely delicious and nutritious....leaving you with a great feeling after eating them because they are 100% healthy! There is a wide selection from amazing blueberry muffins, raspberry chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies to vanilla, coffee, and mexican chocolate ice creams.....and that's not even the whole list! I LOVE my little bites of love bites. <3”

Arti K.

Medical Scribe and Bollywood Dance Instructor
Sugar Land, Texas

“The brownies, muffins, cookies, and ice cream are just a few of my favorites. Tanuja's tasty treats are unbelievably delicious and it's really hard to believe that it's healthy...but it is!!! I've seen her make them, so I know.”

Nina T.

Houston, Texas

“I thought I was sacrificing taste by being vegan until I had Tanuja’s chocolate chip cookies. They are better than the egg/dairy variety!”

Jay P.

Real Estate Investor
Mountain View, California

“I cannot even express the happiness and fulfillment I felt biting down into one of those cookies KNOWING it was not a 'cheat' dessert. LOVE how this cookie gives me the same satisfaction a regular cookie does without the guilty feeling after eating junk food. Dessert is honestly my biggest weakness and this hit the spot perfectly! Super excited to try the different desserts offered including the ice cream and blueberry muffins. YUM!"

Wafa M.

ER Scribe
Houston, Texas

“Call me crazy, but I think that Tanuja’s healthy cookies and brownies taste BETTER than what you can get at the local bakery. They have the perfect amount of sweetness and taste delicious! It also feels good to know that you are eating healthy! More power to Love Bites by Tanuja!”

Susila S.

Lafayette, Louisiana

“I tried Tanuja's Chocolate truffles the Christmas of 2009. I know the exact month and year because I haven't had a chocolate truffle since that was so delectable! I clearly still remember the taste, and I actually don't even prefer sweets, I'm into savory foods. But I am a convert!”

Neetha T.

Program Officer, Nonprofits
Washington D.C.

"Tanuja's homemade desserts and food are truly second to none. From my experience her chocolate chip cookies-made with almond flour- and her Mexican Chocolate ice-cream are my favorites and are simply heavenly. They are were clearly made with the highest quality ingredients packing the most nutrition/bite of any dessert I know. I have purchased her truffles as gifts as well. I can say with certainty that you definitely won't be disappointed."


Dallas, Texas

“I am not a dessert person, but I do like a good piece of chocolate. Tanuja's truffles are the perfect mix of rich and creamy goodness. These truffles are delicious! I can tell that she only uses the best ingredients unlike the Godiva crap at the mall.”

Kishore K.

Washington D.C.