Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Friends!

I know we're almost into double digits during this first month of 2015, but I wanted to take a moment and wish you a happy new year and say thank you for visiting our site! 

I want to help you get 2015 started off right, so I've asked my friend and coach Nichole Kellerman Wurth to share her best practices for getting away from the body-shaming this year and into a place of self-love. Nichole is also graciously extending an invitation to join in her FREE 21-Day Get-Moving Challenge, so take advantage!

Let's hear from Nichole in her own words...


Love yourself: Ways to practice self-love and get moving in 2015
By: Nichole Kellerman Wurth

Chances are, if you’re here checking out Love Bites by Tanuja, you already understand the importance of treating your body with love by filling it with healthy foods.  You are worth it -- so congratulations on knowing the importance of making your body a priority!  Self-love is a journey, and you’re taking steps along that path -- good for you!

In my career as a weight loss coach, I talk with clients day in and day out who struggle with loving their bodies.  They’ve gained weight, or they’re just unhappy with the place their body is in.  They’re hard on themselves.  Yet, in spite of these observations on my part, many of these ladies try to convince themselves (and me!) that they really do love themselves somewhere deep down inside.

If you’re new to the self-love journey, the only way to reap the benefits of falling in love with yourself is to admit that you struggle with loving yourself! 

The definition of self-love that I give my Wildly Alive Weight Loss clients is -- knowing confidently that you would love yourself without money, materials, make-up, a higher education or a list of achievements.  Are you there?

Here are a few simple steps to shift your focus and learn to love your body, flaws and all.

Function over form.  Focus on the function of your body over it’s appearance.  You may feel like your thighs are too wide, but think about how your legs carry you and allow you to move through your day.  You may dislike your stomach, but if you’re a mom -- think about how that area created the little people running around your house.  The body is amazing -- focus on what your body does for you instead of what your body doesn’t look like and you’ll feel a change in your thoughts!

Shift your perspective.  Your body is constantly giving to you.  Your body is giving to you right now -- pumping blood, allowing you to breathe.  Even on days when you poke and prod your body in front of the mirror, hating the flaws you see, your body still gives to you.  When you consider the living, functioning body you’ve been blessed with -- the body that takes in oxygen and eliminates toxins and performs without you having to tell it to -- it’s hard not to be grateful.

Gift your body with movement.  Fall in love with yourself by gifting your body with exercise.  Seeing what you’re capable of, listening to your body, feeling a surge of post-workout energy --these are all ways to feel how amazing your body is and truly learn to love how powerful it is.

Tune into the wisdom of your body.  Your body has its own intelligence -- just think about when you get a cut -- you don’t have to tell your body to heal it!  When you’re hurt, your body repairs itself on its own, like a finely tuned machine!  Your body is constantly talking to you -- you just need to tune the noise out.  Are your thoughts bringing you down?  Are you playing on Facebook when you should be listening to your body?  When you silence yourself, you’ll hear the subtle signs your body is sending you.  Tuning into my body has given me the ability to find the right partner, have my dream job and thrive with energy because I pick foods that work best with my body and move in the ways she wants to!

If you’d like to learn more about self-love, and intuitive movement -- I’m gearing up to lead a FREE challenge over at Wildly Alive Weight Loss.  I’d love to have you join me in this 21-Day Get Moving Challenge.  Each day of the challenge, you will have a simple movement challenge, paired with a Wildly Alive challenge that will work to change your mindset, teach you to love your body, and set you up for a healthy 2015!

For more information, and to sign up for the challenge, click HERE!

Here’s wishing you a Wildly Alive new year!

Nichole Kellerman Wurth wants to live in a world where women actually enjoy the process of losing weight and connecting with their bodies.

When she’s not fearlessly (but lovingly) pushing her clients into the lifestyle they dream of, you’ll find her laughing with friends, connecting with nature and loving up on her husband and two dogs.

Her business, Wildly Alive Weight Loss, is for women who want to stop dieting and re-frame their minds so they can reshape their bodies. Her teachings are like nothing you’ve ever heard.

Discover how you can lose weight by feeling #WildlyAlive at WildlyAliveWeightLoss.com.

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