5 Reasons to Dump the Dairy

5 Reasons to Dump the Dairy

Why do we drink things like milk and eat things like yogurt and cheese and cottage cheese? Calcium? Protein? Maintaining a healthy weight? If you think dairy is giving you all this stuff and more…yeah, I think you need to think again.

I know we’ve been told by our parents, and nutrition experts, and even our doctors that milk is important for our bones. It’s time for a wake-up call. We need to take ownership of ourselves and stop listening to all the mainstream propaganda out there.

I want to run something by you – I need you to be in front of a mirror for this. Are you a calf (a baby cow)? If you’re able to read this, you’re either not a baby cow or just a really smart one. Ha. Okay, enough antagonizing for today – I just want to give you something new to think about in a humorous way.

If you’re not a baby cow, why would you drink cow’s milk? Human beings are the only species commonly known to drink milk as adults and also to drink the milk of another species altogether. Cow’s milk and goat’s milk and buffalo’s milk and sheep’s milk are all formulated specifically for their respective babies by, you guessed it, the smartest lady around – Mother Nature. All these animals’ milk products (including milks, cheeses, yogurts and other treats) are regularly consumed by human beings all over the world. In America, these products are consumed in unacceptable quantities.

If you’re a calf, it makes sense to drink cow’s milk because you need certain antibodies and hormones that only your mother’s milk contains. Here’s the thing though (and be sure to check again), we’re not calves. Do we feed human breast milk to cats and dogs and cows? Yeah, see how ridiculous that sounds? It’s time to forget what the media and the government and even our parents have drilled into us for ages. Adult human beings do NOT need to consume dairy to live strong and healthful lives.

So what are people’s comments to me when I tell them I’ve largely eliminated dairy from my life? “Where do you get your calcium from?” “Cheese is a great snack because it has protein and calcium.” “Isn’t yogurt a good source of protein, calcium and good bacteria?”

I feel like slapping the ones who tell me “Cheese is a great snack because it has protein and calcium.” The only statement above, I will kind of agree with is the yogurt one. And the only part I agree with is the good bacteria. Yogurt has amazing probiotics that help you digest your food…and because yogurt is fermented, it is even generally tolerable for those who normally experience lactose intolerance. I’m not totally against eating yogurt, and I do think it’s fine if you eat it once in a while. And hey, those of you who know me, know I LOVE desserts. I only eat dairy free desserts at home, but when I go out to nice restaurants, I love taste testing their amazing desserts. So as you can tell, I haven’t completely eliminated it from my diet. I eat it usually once a week or less and if I’m on vacation, I might eat it a little more often. If I have the option of organic, I’ll always choose that.

So anyway, yes, I still eat dairy occasionally, but I will be the first in line when they open a totally dairy-free/sugar-free/grain-free dessert place in my town – oh wait, Love Bites by Tanuja already exists! 

So why is it time to dump the dairy - at least on the daily?

It’s an inflammatory food.

Dairy is one of the most inflammatory foods out there. Just think of it this way. Just as with any substance foreign to our body, when dairy hits our system, our body immediately starts attacking it. Dairy is a foreign substance. Our body works really hard to fight it out of our system through various mechanisms – sometimes that results in bloating, nausea, weight gain and other annoying symptoms.

It can cause loss of bone density.

We work out and eat right to keep our bones strong and avoid things like Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. But did you know that the cultures with the highest amounts of dairy consumption are also the cultures with the highest numbers of hip fractures? So what does that mean? It means that the propaganda we’re fed about dairy keeping bones strong is a fallacy and science proves it. Yes, dairy does contain calcium. However, because it’s an inflammatory food and it is not meant to be consumed by adult humans, it has an acidic affect on the body and drops our pH level into the acidic range. In an effort to regulate its system’s pH, the body leaches calcium and other minerals from the bones, which ends in us actually eliminating the leached minerals. Thus, bones get weaker and we break hips and suffer with other various bone issues. Instead, it’s important to get calcium from more alkaline sources such as leafy greens and other vegetables.

It’s meant for baby calves.

Dairy, specifically cow’s milk in its various forms (milk, butter, cheese, etc.), is not meant for human consumption. Just like human females produce breast milk to feed their young, female cows also produce milk to feed their young, baby calves. So, not only are we not meant to drink any kind of milk as adults, we’re also not meant to drink the milk of any other mammal. Cow’s milk has been specifically created with antibodies and hormones by the female cow to make sure her calf gains a significant amount of weight very quickly. Humans do not grow at the same rate as a calf, so we don’t require the same hormones that are found in cow’s milk.

Dairy creates excess mucus.

One of the symptoms of dairy being an inflammatory substance is that it creates excess mucus in the body. If you are someone who suffers from asthma, respiratory issues, allergies or even if you just wake up stuffed up in the morning, you will probably experience some relief just by eliminating dairy from your diet. Try it for 2 weeks at a minimum and see if you feel a difference.

Dairy causes acne.

This is one is actually something I learned from a dermatologist I had back in my early twenties when I began experiencing adult acne. She asked if dairy was a significant part of my diet. At that time, I was eating ice cream and butter and eating lots of yogurt and had milk with my cereal. Now, sugar could have also caused my acne, but to be safe, to really see what was going on, I first cut out dairy and that immediately helped the situation – within a few days in fact! Then I worked on cutting out sugar and that just helped even more. The hormones in the dairy and the inflammatory nature of the substance ends up causing your body to produce excess sebum which can lead to acne.