2017 Green Smoothie Challenge is ON!

Back by popular demand, the 2017 Green Smoothie Challenge is ON starting next week on Thursday or Friday (exact date will be announced in a future email). Last year, whomever completed the challenge was entered into a contest to win a free Love Bites Dessert Kit. This year, we're going to make it a little more interesting.

2017 is all about taking risks and putting some skin in the game for me...so let's all do it! This year, I'm going to encourage everyone who participates in the Green Smoothie Challenge to donate $1 for every day you're able to participate in the Challenge. The goal is for us all to complete this 10-Day Challenge so we can collect the most amount of money possible on a GoFundMe page (or some similar service) and then donate to a charity that we collectively choose.

I'll be taking suggestions for charities, so be sure to tell us which organization you most want to help. I'd love to raise at least $1000, so please be sure to tell your friends about this (we'll need at least 100 people to participate!) - it's a chance to get healthy, help your friends and family get healthy, and help someone else in the process. There is absolutely no requirement to donate if you want to participate, but I just thought it would be a fun thing to do to help out others - plus, we all know that the more we give, the more we receive.

Like I said before, the 2017 Green Smoothie Challenge will start next week on Thursday or Friday (maybe even the following Monday if I need extra time from a logistics standpoint). But in the meantime, please go ahead and download this Green Smoothie Cheat Sheet so you can get the hang of making these smoothies and buy all your supplies by the time we're ready to rock and roll next week.

If you're in, comment "I'm in!" below and let us know which charitable organization is closest to your heart! Can't wait to #FeelGoodDoGood with y'all!


PS: If you'd like to help me with any of the logistics of collecting the funds, please let me know!