Tesla is Trying to be My Car.

Legit. I have seen a Tesla almost everyday for the last month. Yesterday, I saw 3 in one day, so that made up for the few days that I didn’t see them.

In most ways, I’m so girly, but show me a Maserati or a Tesla and I get just as giddy as when I see a cute baby.



So, let’s back track a little here – why Tesla?


I only found out about Tesla about 5 years ago when I was living in DC. My ex taught me about Tesla – the man and the car. Since then, it’s fair to say that I’ve been slightly obsessed.


See, Nikola Tesla is kind of an idol of mine…if I could meet a dead person, it’d probably be him and George Washington…and possibly Ben Franklin. Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about the Benjamins. But, really I’m all about Nikola Tesla.


Tesla, the man, was an amazing human being. He hardly slept. He was obssessed with his craft. He was way ahead of his time and despite his numerous f*ckups, both personally and professionally, he will always be remembered for his genius. You can read more about this remarkable man here.


After I learned about Nikola Tesla, I started learning about Tesla the car. And, omg. Props to Elon Musk for having the guts to do something no one else could or would. Musk definitely has a knack for getting hot ideas to play with each other.


When most of us think of an electric car, we think of a Prius. What idiot would ever think of making a luxury electric car? Elon Musk is far from an idiot – in fact, he’s a lot like Tesla. Obsessed with his craft, willing to fail in order to succeed, and a visionary who is ahead of his time.


So, this is not a story about Teslas in and of themselves. This is a story about becoming who I’m supposed to be an seeing the product of that evolution. “What the hell is she talking about” is a question that might pop into your mind right about now. It’s a little woo-woo, so get ready.


I’m talking about MANIFESTION. I’m talking about “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” if you’re a Bible fan. I’m talking about having faith in your beliefs and I’m talking about testing the Universe.


Last year, I started working with an Energy Healer. I know, I know…but hang with me for a bit. Basically, I was feeling stagnant and needed a little help shifting the energy in my Chakras so I thought I would check her out when a good friend mentioned her to me. It’s a lot to write about here – everything that has happened along the way, so I’ll save that for a different post. But the gist is this – I wouldn’t have this business and you wouldn’t have the benefit of delicious, healthy desserts if I hadn’t worked on shifting my energy to become the person I was meant to be. Obviously, I’m still growing and changing, so the journey isn’t over (and never will be), but I have definitely reached a place where I feel very much in alignment with my purpose.


How do all the Teslas fit in here? Well, one day I just started visualizing things that I might want in my future. Tesla was one of the first things that came up for me and within a month of writing down this visualization, I started seeing them in my life. It was slow at first – I saw one in a showroom in a mall, then on a trip with my friends, then another trip, and finally when I went to California to visit my family,  I found out my uncle had bought one so I actually got to ride in it and it made it feel very real to me. Well, it was real. So obviously. 


Right after I got back from that California trip last summer is when I decided to launch Love Bites by Tanuja. Everything lined up so perfectly that I was able to launch in just 6 weeks – that was from conception to actual launch where I could take orders on my site, so it was a pretty incredible feat. Then it was just a whirlwind of activity and all the while, I was still struggling with accepting the new me. I had a gained a little weight due to various life events, I was feeling the stress of being a business owner and a full-time employee. And I just didn’t feel 100% comfortable in my own skin.


Then came Chicago. In February of this year, my Energy Healer and Angel Intuitive/Marketing Coach (yes, this is also material for another post) held a “Be Your Own Valentine” workshop in Chitown, so I went. I really wasn’t going for the workshop, I was going to hang out with my friends. I did get to hang out with my lovely friends, but I also had one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life. I worked with both of them to shift my energy and all of a sudden when I got back to Houston, it was like I was 100% on board with myself. I just fell majorly in love with myself and my life (and this isn’t an ego thing for those of you who are wondering – I just felt totally content and happy with myself). I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and start work or working out or making my green smoothie or talking to my friends or whatever.




After I started feeling like this, I recently got the advice to test the Universe or play the “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” game. So, for whatever reason, Tesla popped into my mind again and I decided to ask to see one. That’s it. Ever since then, I’ve been seeing one almost every day. There are only two days I remember not seeing one. And like I mentioned earlier, I saw 3 yesterday, so that totally made up for those other days!


Here’s how this works. Basically, I wake up in the morning and do whatever I can to make sure I start my day off right – happy, in alignment with myself and my purpose, and calm. I do this by doing 15 minutes of meditation or reading something spiritual or listening to some spiritual talks or simply just daydreaming about all the awesomeness that is my life. Then, I ask for what I want and it shows up. Sometimes it doesn’t show up right away or it shows up in unexpected ways, but it always manifests.

Sometimes it’s as simple as thinking I have to tell my friend something and then she says it to me out loud before I say anything. Sometimes I think about calling my Mom and she just calls me on her own. Sometimes it’s me craving a particular food and then my Mom has it ready for me when I go home to my parents house without me even asking for it. And lately, everytime I close my eyes, I see a Tesla. And I see what Tesla means to me – it’s simply a symbol of some pretty amazing visionaries.  And that’s exactly how I see myself. I want to do great things for the world during my lifetime and I want to leave a legacy. I mean, who doesn’t want that?

I want everyone who is reading this to get everything they want too – whether it is material or otherwise. To that end, I’ve asked my very amazing Energy Healer, Sweta Iyer to write a bit about the manifestation process and specifically how to manifest during one of the most trying times of the year – Mercury Retrograde (a time when everything seems to go haywire). Read on for her advice and a special meditation!


Is Manifestation Necessary to be Happy? If so, How Do We Manifest Successfully?

By Sweta Iyer

Happiness is one of the most common words in our vocabulary. And there are industries, movements, addictions, and many more coping mechanisms all in the search for happiness. We dedicate every single moment towards this goal. How to get there seems to be a mystery for most of us. However, when we get something we want or need, it gives us a sense of happiness, albeit temporary at times. Is getting something the same thing as manifesting? Yes! You manifest what you want and this makes you happy. This simple logic runs into trouble, the moment you can’t manifest what you want.

This is where self-awareness through the tool of energy healing allows us to address the imbalance. When imbalances are addressed through the chakra healing work, things flow in or lives in ways that are almost magical. For example, when you drive in peak hour of the day and there are only a few cars on the road which means limited traffic – this will enable you to have an experience that is peaceful and in very less time you arrive at your destination. Bringing this level of ease into your everyday life removes blockages, thus, allowing you to attract the things that you want in your life.

Manifestation is the application of universal principles to attract desirable things, people, and situations into our life.

Energy healing can be used as one of the tools to accomplish manifestation successfully. The more you practice this tool, the better you get at it, which allows you to do better, so you can move to the next level. Using the visualizations and meditations you can raise your vibration to attract the desires that you want.

To manifest successfully, use the upcoming mercury retrograde that starts on May 19th to your advantage. So what is the hype about mercury retrograde? The hype is that this event occurs three times a year when this planet goes into retrograde (and appears to be moving backward). And from personal experience, this planetary retrograde in particular seems to have a greater impact on our lives. These kind of energies can easily throw one off which would not result in successful manifestation. For most people going through mercury retrograde can be really challenging, however, I firmly believe that knowledge is strength and applying it is power.

Imagine that you are in a video game, playing the game of life and there are many different levels - each one advancing to the next. However, to advance to the next level, you must finish the previous level. The rules for this game always build upon each other even if the situations you seem to face are new. Sometimes more creative thinking is required. Once you realize that you do have the basics in place to get through this level the amount of stress decreases as you have the rules to work through this. How well you do in this level is up to your application – in this case it is the practice of self-awareness. So think of mercury retrograde as a level in this game and self-awareness as the tool that allows you to press the button.

Don’t just use this time period to hibernate because the energies are slow and this can feel tricky, instead allow yourself to manifest. One of the keys to remember is that since things tend to slow down during this time, deal with the clutter in your life and once you do, this will free up space in your energy. So use the slow energies to your advantage. Don’t just survive Mercury retrograde, Thrive through it!

Through my meditations, I have been guided to offer resources that will help guide through this period so you can thrive through it. 

I will be releasing an ebook on mercury retrograde that will be available on May 18th.  Also there are a few workshops that focus on different themes that will help in working through the intensity of this time period allowing you to manifest successfully.

More details are available on this link – http://www.swetaiyer.com/workshops.  Also starting today, daily meditations will be available on my website so feel free to check it whenever you need to get back into your energy flow. Don’t forget to listen to today’s meditation – https://soundcloud.com/sweta-iyer-1/mercury-retrograde-third!

Please feel free to share this post if it resonates with you or someone else who might find it helpful. As always, feel free to browse through the different resources on my website (www.swetaiyer.com), to expand your understanding of how energy work can empower you and make you a master of your own life. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

If you cant access the meditation through that link, please visit the soundcloud channel at https://soundcloud.com/sweta-iyer-1